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Capital city : Riga
Number of inhabitants : 1 907 675 (2020)
Official language : Latvian
Local currency : Euro

Latvia, a Baltic country located in Northern Europe, has recently attracted the attention of self-employed workers and entrepreneurs thanks to its new visa offer dedicated to digital nomads. Indeed, this teleworking visa allows internationals to work and reside in the country while benefiting from a suitable legal framework. Let's discover together the particularities of this visa, as well as the statistics linked to the digital nomad community in Latvia.

The Latvian teleworking visa: a response to the needs of digital nomads

Faced with the growing evolution of the labor market and the internationalization of businesses, many countries have chosen to develop specific visa programs for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs. Latvia is no exception and in 2020 launched its own Latvia digital nomad visa, thus offering a solution adapted to the needs of nomadic workers.

Statistics on digital nomads in Latvia

Since the introduction of the teleworking visa, Latvia has seen a significant increase in the number of digital nomads coming to settle in its territory. According to data provided by theOrganization for Economics, here are some interesting statistics about this community:

Geographical distribution of digital nomads in Latvia

Digital nomads in Latvia are mainly present in the country's major cities, such as:

  • Riga, the capital, which concentrates nearly 70% of international independent workers
  • Jurmala, a seaside town located near Riga, hosting around 15% digital nomads
  • Other major cities in the country, such as Daugavpils or Liepaja, representing the remaining 15%

Profile of digital nomads in Latvia

The majority of digital nomads in Latvia come from countries outside the European Union, particularly from North America and Asia. Among them, we mainly find:

  • Professionals in the information and communication technology sector
  • Entrepreneurs and business creators
  • Consultants and experts in various fields (marketing, finance, etc.)

However, it is important to emphasize that this community is still relatively small compared to other destinations popular with digital nomads, such as Bali or Chiang Mai. The trend could nevertheless be reversed with the development of the teleworking visa and the improvement of infrastructures dedicated to independent workers.

Why choose Latvia as a destination for digital nomads?

In addition to its teleworking visa, Latvia has several advantages for digital nomads:

  • A lower cost of living than Western European countries
  • A fast and accessible internet connection throughout the country
  • Modern and well-equipped coworking spaces, especially in Riga
  • A preserved natural environment, with numerous forests, lakes and beaches to recharge your batteries

Thus, Latvia seems to offer an attractive living environment for self-employed workers wishing to reconcile work and quality of life. With its teleworking visa and its adapted infrastructure, this Baltic country could become a popular destination for digital nomads in the years to come.

Eligibility conditions for the teleworking visa

To be eligible for the teleworking visa in Latvia, it is necessary to meet several criteria, including:

  • Have a job or an employment contract with a company located outside Latvia
  • Have a stable and sufficient monthly income (at least twice the average salary in the country)
  • Have health insurance covering the entire duration of your stay in Latvia

It should also be noted that the teleworking visa is not accessible to nationals of member countries of the European Union, who already benefit from free movement within the Schengen area.

The advantages of the Latvia digital nomad visa

The Latvian teleworking visa has several advantages for digital nomads:

  • Validity period of up to one year, with possibility of extension
  • Facilitated access to the country's public and private services (banks, insurance, etc.)
  • The possibility of traveling freely within the Schengen area during the validity of the visa

Thus, this visa offers a secure legal framework adapted to the needs of independent workers wishing to establish themselves in Latvia for a specific period.

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