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At the end of 2021, 38 % French employees had already practiced teleworking, which represents an increase of 8 points compared to 2019. During the same period, 61 % nomadic workers prepared specific arrangements to work at home. These figures come from the 2022 Teleworking Barometer, produced by the Comptoir de la Nouvelle Entreprise of Malakoff Humanis. They highlight the growing popularity of this practice.

Why not take the plunge by becoming independent yourself ? You must prepare yourself well to experience this magnificent adventure: budget, your status, Internet connections and… the job you are going to have ! Depending on your skills, you can offer your services as a freelancer or an employee. Or, if you value your freedom and are independent and well organized, you can look at teleworking platforms. Explanations

Tips for finding a telecommute

Teleworking has many advantages: reduction in transport expenses, proximity to your family, change in work environment, etc. To benefit from it, you must seize the right opportunities.

Job vacancies

To find teleworking, the first tip is very simple: search for job offers on the Web. Since 2020, more and more companies offer a hybrid work organization, alternating between office work and nomad work. This information is clearly indicated in many of the advertisements. You can search on Indeed. You can follow this link to directly view remote work opportunities.

Get information from local businesses

Outside of the Internet, you can conduct your survey among local businesses close to your geographic area. Generally speaking, the latter can offer secretarial, accounting, or even document writing positions. So many jobs that can be done remotely.

Submit your application yourself

To get started in nomadic work, the above-mentioned companies are excellent alternatives. They will allow you to prepare the ground before finding the job you need. There is another advantage: you will be certain that your application has indeed been submitted because you are the one who will do it directly with the company.

See the side of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are a gold mine for teleworkers. Even if you haven't landed a job yet, you can still get there.

Take your work equipment with you. If you are a designer, for example, make some creations and discuss them with your peers on site. This is just an example. Coworking spaces are full of nomadic workers from different fields. It even happens that start-ups establish their headquarters there ! Good networking will do you the world of good and you will be able to land the position that matches your passion and skills.

Don't forget LinkedIn

For its part, LinkedIn is an excellent means of professional networking. Many people have landed a job thanks to this platform, whether they are remote or not. Also, we recommend to complete your profile and activate the “open to opportunities” option. You also need to develop your network and publish regularly some of your work. Yes, recruiters look at your LinkedIn CV, but they also look at what you share.

What are the teleworking platforms?

The tips we have just seen will be useful to you in finding teleworking. To increase your chances of landing one, you can register on one of the dedicated platforms. Besides, it is highly recommended ! Their principle is simple: you have a personal space, just like the “project providers”.

All you have to do is select the project that matches your skills. Once the work is completed, you ship it to the customer and wait for their feedback. If all goes well, the work is validated and you earn money.


Platform specializing in remote work offers in the field of new technologies. The employees of this company are themselves remote workers. Remotive also has a community, allowing, with their blog articles, to provide all the information on teleworking.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely lets you find the most qualified people in the most unexpected places. This platform is a place to find and list remote jobs that are not limited by commute or a particular geographic area.

Remote Leaf

Remote Leaf offers hand-picked remote tasks delivered straight to your inbox. By subscribing to their platform, you will receive hand-picked remote job alerts that are right for you based on your skills and location from 100+ remote job sites.

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