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To allow you to travel more comfortably, our partner Chapka assurances adapts its contracts over time, depending on circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the supporting documents required when applying for a teleworking visa abroad, we find the eternal travel insurance.

We recommend that you subscribe to the contract Cap Aventure. You are covered by this contract for travel-related stays of more than 90 days, anywhere in the world. The guarantees are as follows:

  • Repatriation assistance organized and fully funded
  • Reimbursement of medical and hospital expenses incurred during the trip, including in the event of Covid-19 infection. Amounts: Up to 1 million euros if you choose the USA/Canada zone, and a maximum of 200,000 euros without excess. There teleconsultation can be used to schedule medical visits.
  • If a family member dies or is hospitalized, return promptly
  • Baggage insurance
  • Public liability

Holiworking is an agency specializing in professional and personal development through the organization of immersive stays abroad.

This Nantes start-up was founded in 2020 following the observation that it was becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile employers' concerns in terms of employee loyalty and hiring with the demand for mobility in remote work abroad employees.

As a result, they have developed a brief expatriation package for staff members, to 6 or 12 months in a dream location, ensuring the pursuit of the professional objective through teleworking, all at no additional cost for the company, a real employer branding asset.

Our exclusive collaboration was born from our mutual belief in the future of teleworking abroad. This new approach to work helps people learn, grow and develop their talents.

The aim of this project is to assist Holiworking in their visa procedures. But also, to offer their service to each teleworker wishing a turnkey stay.

Translayte is a provider of translation services based in London. Making sure to work with translators professionals who are ready to help, they will provide you with translations certified, sworn and legalized accepted worldwide.

To support any official request, most countries and embassies will require you to have an official translation into a foreign language of the documents you submit to them. Given the complexity of the legal requirements, some steps can be confusing. 

With Translayte, we understand the requirements of each authority. Some supporting documents required by remote work visas must be translated or notarized. We recommend that you use this service before any Visa application, in the event that your supporting documents are not in a language accepted by our teams.

TourMaG.com is a French media considered the most consulted French-speaking portal in B to B tourism. Their audience is certified by the ACPM: The Alliance for Press and Media Figures. They are among the 15 most consulted French BtoB supports in all sectors of activity.

Visamundi collaborates with Tourmag for the writing of articles. We also carry out joint monitoring on visa/passport issues.

Majorelle Avocats, a firm located in Nantes and Paris, employs professionals specializing in labor law and some social Security. Their staff offers businesses a professional support, accessible And affordable. They manage expenses and costs to ensure controlled results. They act on different subjects:
security of your strategy
•conduct of restructuring and operations exceptional
•dispute management risks
•mobility international

Majorelle Mobility supports international mobility of employees, theprofessional immigration, management of subcontracting foreign and assistance to foreign companies. They achieve this through judicious organization of employee mobility.

Remoters is a start-up French putting you in touch with real estate agents on site all over the world. 

The objective is clear: to help teleworkers, students, families or travelers of all kinds to to find accommodation. The real estate network of correspondents offer of the rest of the accommodation escaping traditional sites and agencies, in the respecting the budget of one each. Said accommodations are visited by Remoters agents and they ensure that they meet each customer's expectations.

In addition to the apartment search service, the company offers other services so-called annexes to improve your initial experience: 

  • The Remoters agent will pick you up at theairport 
  • You receive a card Local SIM upon your arrival as well as other supplements depending on it — a bus card for example 
  • YOU visit the city with the correspondent who shows you his favorite places 
  • We add to the already full list a thirty other services specific to each destination: diving courses, language courses, bar crawls, etc.

Ambroise Debret, freelance in web marketing since 9 years including 5 years as digital nomad and living in 100% from his freelance activity decided to launch Freemote.

Its aim is tohelping freelancers become free thanks to the Internet. He personally supports each freelancer towards achieving their objectives.

This training includes 17 modules of 1 hour + 52 application exercises + concrete case studies. But also 9 expert masterclass as a bonus (i.e. around ten training courses in one), 19 model scripts (quote, contract, content, prospecting, negotiation, price increase) + role plays for practice. Of the group coaching with individual monitoring by Ambroise for 6 months are also organized.

This made it possible to create a private community and a Freelance collective to help each other with more than 350 independents.

Freemote is aimed at:

  • Employees who want to sell their skills as independent to be free
  • Freelancers who want to find more customers and increase their prices
  • To everyone who wants a fresh start with the best springboard to become independent and why not digital nomad

Freemote is not suitable for:

  • The sale of physical or digital products

Tempted by this training to start or strengthen your freelance activity? A free 100% presentation masterclass is currently available.

Country Brand Colombia is created as a joint effort between the national government and the private sector to show the dedication, tenacity, work and passion that projects them as a better place in the world and makes them a venue for real events.

There country brand is an entity of national government which in turn is a segment of Procolombia , whose trustee is the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism .

Nomamundi is proud to work in collaboration with ProColombia on the teleworking destination that is Colombia.

Teletravel is an organizing agency of tailor-made stays for teleworkers, with destinations around the world. Teletravel is already present in many French regions, but also internationally (Mauritius, Colombia, Namibia, etc.). Their approach fits into a sustainable tourism, respectful of humans and nature. They are keen to find places where their customers can discover culture, natural and gastronomic heritage with locals. They are therefore looking for hosts who share these same values.

Good news, with Nomamundi you can benefit from 10% on service fees Teletravel thanks to the code: “ Teletravelthanks to Visamundi“ 

Strong of its 45 years old in the hotel landscape, Sunlife is an ode to the sweetness of Mauritian life. Through his exception addresses and his high-end services, she demonstrates her expertise while adopting the philosophy of the evolution of our environmental problems, and travelers' desires for different experiences.

From a common goal, that of promoting Mauritius, this collaboration was born. 

Knowing the issues related to teleworking accommodation, we offer you a reduction of 20% (with the code “ LONGSTAY20«) for any stay of more than 20 nights in one of the group's 4 hotels. Enough to allow you to discover the island and find the ideal accommodation that will accompany you during this next year.

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