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The most asked questions about teleworking and their answers

The world worker (as we like to call him at Nomamundi, editor's note) by combining work on Internet And journey, embodies a certain form of emancipation. The latter has the opportunity to obtain a salary by carrying out his profession and by sailing freely on the other side of the planet. This working method requires possession of a computer and a good connection Wireless. Following the scale taken by the development of new technologies, the worker can carry out his job remotely in a manner flexible to travel as you wish. He therefore does not necessarily have a fixed address, he can freely change his location. Its workspace is also not fixed. Most of the time, he works in spaces of coworking available on site in the destination where it is located. Hotel rooms or AirBnb rentals can also become their new office for the period.

To become one, a written agreement must be established between the employee and the employer, if you are employee. The frequency of remote working must be mentioned and your employer must provide you with the material and the technical support required. He must also participate in operating costs (provision of internet connection, computer or telephone, possible contribution to heating or electricity costs, etc.). However, if you are freelance, nothing obliges you to stay in a fixed country. It is therefore easier to become a worker in the world by being self-employed.

Inasmuch as employee, you will get the same salary than the one you had in your country of origin. If you are freelance, it will depend on the diversity of your missions. There is no typical salary for a teleworker.

To fully enjoy your experience abroad, we first advise you to stay in frequented places like inns. In addition, do not hesitate to participate in social events/group activities. Get out of your comfort zone by trying new things, new places, new dishes, new drinks, or even making new friends. Say Yes opportunities as much as possible. Create connections in your free time outside of work, to share these moments.

To separate your place of life and place of work, we advise you to go to work in a separate place. A room dedicated to working in the place you rent during the teleworking period can be a solution. In addition, in all the destinations offered, you will be able to find coworking spaces to work in complete peace and exchange with other workers around the world. The most important remains the tranquility and an Internet connection of good quality. You will find the coworking spaces for each destination on their respective pages.

Nomamundi has decided to classify its destinations. THE rating criteria allowing this classification take into account security, the cost of living, health, the weather, the quality of the internet network and the conditions for obtaining the visa.

It depends on the destinations. Some destinations consider tax residents digital nomads from of a certain number of days. You will therefore be responsible for two taxes : that of your country of origin and the one where you will live during your years of teleworking. Remember to find out before leaving, on the embassy website.

Teleworking has many advantages for the worker. Indeed, it is synonymous with saving time, money, better day-to-day management, autonomy in task management, a better concentration, best management private and professional life, better purchasing power And quality of life. The organization of the day according to our constraints allows a flexibility And responsibility without flaws.

One of the disadvantages preventing workers from going abroad is that administrative procedures are long. This helps engage the person deciding to leave and get out of their routine. Thanks to U.S, your visa procedures will never have been so simple.

We favor experiences abroad as a family. This is why our proposed destinations are open to families. In some cases, it will be necessary to wait for the principal applicant to travel to the country to sponsor her family and so that she can join him. 

The teleworker is affiliated in the State where he works physically his professional activity. Example : you are based in France and you telework for a company established in the United Kingdom. You are then affiliated to the French regime.

The price of a visa depends on the proposed price by the embassy of the destination and the complexity of the request that we carry out for you (certain requests including the translation and the legalization of documents).

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