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Questions about setting up teleworking as a digital nomad? We will answer you in detail.


Digital nomads are people who work in the digital field and who have the possibility of travel at the same time due to their ability to work remotely. Digital nomadism, more than just a job, is a way of life in its own right. Digital nomads have been working since Bahamas, Taiwan or l'MAURITIUS, as long as they have a good quality internet connection. People who work exclusively on computer are digital nomads. They are essentially nomadic because they have no office or fixed geographic location. They are mainly defined as self-employed.


If a worker regularly performs business trips, he is not a digital nomad in the most common sense of the term, even if he uses his computer. We can call him a short-term digital nomad, but he has not chosen the digital nomad lifestyle.

Digital nomad is a way of working and not a job.

A digital nomad is not not constantly on vacation. In fact, he sets periods when traveling. But he spends a lot of time working, because without it he would not be able to earn income and therefore not be able to to travel.

Setting up teleworking

It’s not easy being a digital nomad all year round.

  • Do not confuse vacations with working abroad in unusual conditions (climate, atmosphere, landscapes or cost of living, etc.). Take regular vacations, of course, but don't be a tourist all year round.
  • Choose a hotel or short-term accommodation where you can work well: table or desk size, brightness, internet connection are all elements that will help. Work outside, in cafés or coworking spaces.
  • As a freelancer, you will most likely experience a “roller coaster” income. Even if you are abroad and want to go out every day, set a budget and stick to it. You will have different income levels. Although you sometimes receive significant income, you may also receive less.
  • It is also important to limit the time you spend traveling. A compulsive, world-hopping trip is not as beneficial as an immersion trip. Why not commit to living in a country for three months and learning the language? If you move from city to city every few days and only stay a few weeks in each country, you will burn out and spend too much time traveling. Slow down and travel slowly.

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