Capital city : Nassau
Number of inhabitants : 266,100 (2016)
Official language : English
Local currency : Bahamian Dollar

The Bahamas decided, at the end of 2020, to launch a teleworking visa called BEATS (Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay). This decision made it possible to revive tourism on the island, which is the activity occupying 60 % of the current GDP of the archipelago. This residence permit allows you to stay for 1 year while carrying out your professional activity remotely.

Made up of an archipelago comprising 16 islands, the Bahamas are located in the Caribbean Sea. Nassau, capital and largest city of the archipelago, brings together 60 % of the Bahamian population. The local currency is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD) and has the same value as a US Dollar (USD).

The climate is tropical.

What to do in the Bahamas?

The Ministry of Tourism website is full of activity ideas. In 1 year, you will not have time to get bored. Take the opportunity to fly over the islands aboard a private plane. Swim with the pigs. Fly fish accompanied by a local guide in an idyllic setting. Visit the Exumas and its marine protected area home to the second largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Meet at Johnston Art Foundry, the last active bronze foundry on the island, a group of artists. Relax in Ardastra Gardens to encounter impressive flamingos. Admire the street murals of Nassau. Celebrate Christmas in the Bahamian heat and attend the Junkanoo festival the next day, a parade of colorful and elaborate costumes since the beginning of the year.

In the Bahamas, fish fans will be served: many specialties are based on lobsters, crabs or even conch. Bahamians are fans of rum.

Cost of living in the Bahamas

The cost of living is very high on this island. Indeed, the average monthly net salary (after taxes) is currently 1696.50 $. But everyday products generally cost twice the usual price, due to their importation. Nassau, the capital, has the highest cost of living index. For information, renting a 3-bedroom apartment located in downtown Nassau costs approximately 2,500$ per month.

Health and Safety in the Bahamas Islands

The islands where the greatest caution should be exercised are New Providence and Grand Bahama, despite the drop in crime. Please always check the equipment loaned during activities. Local taxis do not have meters, so be sure to negotiate the price before getting on board.

The Bahamas archipelago has more than 700 islands, 16 of which welcome travelers. This allows workers from around the world to change islands regularly and explore the richness of the country as well as its seabed. So why not change islands every month?

How to work in the Bahamas?

Working in the Bahamas can be complicated if you have children. This is why there are coworking spaces that allow you to separate personal life from professional life. Currently, 8 coworking spaces have been set up in Nassau, on the island of New Providence. We advise you to rent your accommodation not far from one of these spaces so as not to waste time on local transport and take full advantage of your free time. You can locate the coworking spaces in Nassau on the map provided to you below.

Depending on your usage, you will find the internet subscription that suits you. Prices vary between 49.5 $ and 124.75$/month. The main provider in the Bahamas Islands is BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company) and is partly government-owned. There are also wireless wifi boxes for digital nomads, allowing you to benefit from a good wifi connection in around a hundred countries.

What is the time difference?

The time zone is UTC+4. Do not neglect the time difference depending on the work done and your country of origin. Lhe time zone is an important element: there is a psychological risk if the employee connects at night outside of his colleagues' hours. In certain cases, depending on the area of expertise or the personality of the employee, the time difference will not be a key decision-making factor. To avoid suffering from loneliness, the Bahamas has set up a program called People to People, which connects local volunteers with teleworkers so that they can adapt and integrate as easily as possible.

To qualify for this visa, you must be able to telework abroad. There are no conditions regarding income and nationality. No minimum length of stay in the territory is required.

What are the holdups ?

Thanks to Nomamundi, you will be able to obtain your visa in just 5 days. Unfortunately this delay varies depending on the degree of occupation of the archipelago. This is why we advise you to make your request a few weeks in advance.

Can I come with my family?

If you want to develop your children's cultural awareness, what could be better than going abroad as a family. The way of learning for school is different but you will be able to teach them a new way of life and develop their knowledge of the world. You can apply for a visa for your family, but the rates will be higher if you both work remotely.

Count 2 heads of household if both married people wish to work remotely.

Can you renew your teleworking visa?

You can stay up to 3 years on the islands of the Bahamas if you wish by applying for a new visa. Indeed, 1 year is often not enough to discover the 16 islands. Furthermore, if you decide to go as a family, so as not to disturb your children, it is preferable not to change your destination every year but to sometimes stay longer there. This allows you to fully acclimatize to this new way of life. 

BEATS: consular rates depending on status

Applicant StatusConsular fees
Lead applicant1 025 $
Accompanying person (Spouse or Dependent Child)525 $

BEATS: documents to provide

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of employment (letter of employment from current employer or proof of self-employment)
  • Medical insurance for the main applicant and all dependents

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