Our history

The context

Some thirty teleworking visas have been launched since 2020. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we've noticed a democratization of working habits. Workers aspire to greater freedom and flexibility. In our view, telecommuting is set to revolutionize the world of tourism. These visas are a real opportunity for workers wishing to change their lives overnight over a period between 1 and 3 years. But also an advantage for destinations living on tourism and regularly impacted by various events (pandemic, climatic damage,...).

Nomamundi creates a break in your professional life
Nomamundi takes you to telework on the other side of the world

Our solution

Visamundi, a French e-visa specialist, has decided to enter the teleworking market. Our goal is to accompany the future workers of the world in their efforts to obtain a telework visa. Our knowledge of the market and its specific features gives us the legitimacy to position ourselves in this market of the future. And so, from this reflection was born the Nomamundi service: our solution dedicated to telecommuting.

Our ambition

Nomamundi aims to become the leader in the telework visa market. Deliver information on proposed destinations. Become a reference for international teleworkers/digital nomads.

Our values


Our high level of requirements and our knowledge of the market ensure a high acceptance rate. We do everything we can to ensure follow-up that meets your expectations.


We make ourselves available to listen to your requests attentively and provide personalized follow-up.



At Nomamundi, your data is well guarded. We take to heart respecting the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers.

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