South Korea introduces a "workation" visa for digital nomads

South Korea to introduce a new visa for digital nomadswhich allows people engaged in telecommuting jobs and vacations to stay in South Korea for up to a year initially, with the possibility of an extension for a further year.

This visa also enables holders to bring their spouse and children with them. Previously, foreigners were limited to applying for tourist visas or staying less than 90 days without a visa for a "workcation" in Korea.

Requirements for the "Workation" visa

To apply for the remote work visa, candidates must provide the necessary documents to the South Korean embassy in their respective countries, and demonstrate an annual income in excess of 84.96 million won - double South Korea's gross national income per capita in 2022. In addition, foreigners already in South Korea on short-term tourist visas such as B-1, B-2 or C-3 can also apply for the new "digital nomad" visa.

Launch of the 'K Culture Training' visa for young people interested in Korean culture

In addition to the digital nomad visa, South Korea is also planning to introduce a K' culture learning visa to attract young people interested in Korean culture. The precise conditions for this visa have not yet been announced, but it should be available in the second half of next year.

The South Korean government plans to facilitate tourism by developing AI-powered guides and transportation booking tools. The country aims to welcome 30 million tourists each year and generate $30 billion in tourism revenue by 2027.

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