The Digital Nomad experience can also be shared with family

Going abroad as a digital nomad while maintaining your professional and personal balance is possible! In fact, you just have to find a new organization. What if you tried the adventure with your family?

Most of the time, a company can offer its employee the opportunity to try the digital nomad experience for several months or it is the employee who can themselves initiate this project. This is another organization to find and the process must be well anticipated. For some people, the issue of daily life and particularly family life can be a hindrance. There are indeed solutions and it is entirely possible. This project will concern your whole family, so you must have a thoughtful approach and find out about the local way of life and the infrastructure that might interest you. Several subjects will need to be addressed and they may concern your local accommodation, the education of your children, the employment of your spouse, etc. 

You can ask yourself the following questions, this will help you know if your project is feasible and if it can suit your daily life and lifestyle: 

  • How will you manage your children's education 
  • How will you manage childcare?
  • What benefits could this lifestyle bring to your children?
  • How will you deal with the language barrier?
  • How long do you want to leave?
  • Does the chosen destination suit my lifestyle?
  • How to properly anticipate your steps (p(for example the request for a visa, insurance, accommodation and school on site, etc.)

A new way of life 

Choose your destination wisely 

The choice of country is one of the most important points. You must find out about the local way of life, the infrastructure, the schools and the activities for your children and the whole family. The goal is for the whole family to be able to adapt to this new way of life in order to preserve professional and personal balance in a different and unfamiliar environment for you. Today, more and more destinations are adapting, facilitating procedures and formalities and wishing to welcome digital nomads by offering solutions linked to education, housing… So all you have to do is choose the destination which might suit you! 

Managing my children's education 

This is an important decision to make so as not to neglect your children's education during these few months or years abroad. Several choices are available to you and you can opt for a particular mode of education. This is why it is very important to choose the destination that suits you and can offer all these amenities. Home schooling, online schooling, choosing an international school or World Schooling are possibilities that you can find in most destinations. 

THE World Schooling is a new philosophy proposing to combine learning and travel, a perfect choice for the life of a Digital nomad. This method allows you to approach the world of education in a very different way, you use your travel experiences to learn. The learning method is mainly based on foreign cultures and languages as well as the development of children's emotions and feelings. This is learning that takes place online. 

What are the benefits that can be brought to my family?

Travel can be a great source of inspiration for the whole family. Indeed, this new way of life can help develop new feelings, particularly for children, through the discovery of a new foreign culture and different world view. Your children will develop several skills and emotions such as autonomy, mutual assistance, confidence and even friendship. It's up to you to decide whether you want to try the experience in one destination or integrate this way of life into your daily life and travel to several countries in this way. The discovery of new landscapes, cultures and lifestyles brings fulfillment and balance to your daily life. 

How to deal with the language barrier?

This is a constraint that you will quickly forget because today many translator tools or online courses are accessible. On site, you can call on locals who speak your native language. This is a solution to have a contact on site. There are bilingual schools or even nannies for your children who can speak your original language. You must still be aware of this subject and prepare yourself as best as possible before your departure or the choice of destination can also be made according to your mother tongue so as to have no constraints.

Anticipate your steps 

After finding the perfect destination for you and your family, you can contact several organizations to help you with your efforts. It should be noted that several formalities will have to be carried out. The first is to find out about requesting a digital nomad visa which concerned the employee(s) and their entire family. The request can be made online or at a consulate depending on the destination. This formality must be anticipated because the processing time can vary. Then you need to educate yourself and find a health insurance. This is strongly recommended given that you are settling for several months in a foreign country. What will be the education choice for your children? This question will clearly define your project and your organization and you will then be able to embark on other research such as ideal accommodation for your family. You can surround yourself with a local organization or Airbnb can be a valuable help. Finally, you can define a budget depending on the cost of the visa, local taxes, school fees, local accommodation, plane tickets... Most of the time, becoming a digital nomad is a spontaneous and flexible decision, however with your family, the process must be anticipated . 

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