The skills required to become a good teleworker

Eddy Mitchell sang “ Sleep, metro, work, sleep - Another day gone - Others will come who will have to be killed ". He then described the hell of working in the office and all the suffering that results from it. Fortunately, currently, thanks in part to Covid, we are experiencing an anthropological revolution. The latter is wonderfully described by Pascal Picq in his book “Chimpanzees and teleworking”. This transformation of the workplace has opened up many perspectives for employees. They can now fulfill their duties, have a good salary while enjoying all the pleasures of life.

However, whether you are a recruiter, an employee or an independent worker, you should know that a good teleworker or an excellent digital nomad, has a particular profile. Here are its main characteristics.

Ambition and motivation

Whether you are in full remote or in person, there are sine qua non criteria to be effective. The main one is surely to be motivated. Indeed, if your position does not stimulate you, if you do not find personal satisfaction and real fulfillment there, you will never be productive. And as a digital nomad or teleworker, you also need to stay motivated in the long term. You must show ambition to succeed in keeping a good pace of work while being in a setting that encourages you to rest or have fun.

The organization

It will depend on various parameters. We must first see if the employer still operates in a mode where the principle of presenteeism is king, or if he only requires one results requirement. We might as well confirm that the first model is totally obsolete and that it risks being annoying. You can discuss this with your manager to see if he or she is open to the idea of you meeting all your deadlines without the pressure of being stuck in front of your PC during work hours. If the answer is yes, still force yourself to have a clear schedule for each week. For example, you can distribute your time so that you start working very early in the morning. This way, you will take full advantage of your afternoon to explore your travel destination.


Whatever your profession or sector of activity, to be productive, you need to be focused. If you dream of becoming a digital nomad to work from a beach bar with the sound system on loud, it is better to abandon the idea. The framework is very important. It is he who helps you focus on your mission. You must therefore create a well-defined and comfortable work space, whether at home or during your expedition to the ends of the world. It is at this price that you will be able to feel at ease with your colleagues and enjoy your trips to the ends of the earth.

Moreover, despite the false beliefs that lurk around teleworking, many business leaders have noticed that those who are fully remote have better performance than those who are face-to-face. The absence of the hubbub of offices and the distractions of colleagues probably has something to do with it.


Working independently is one of the skills most sought after by companies. Because the more independent you are, the greater your productivity and the less you hinder that of your colleagues. It's about saving time and money considerable for companies. And it's even more so when you're not in the company's offices. Indeed, if at each stage of the project you have to send a good number of emails to get answers that are slow to arrive, this risks being very problematic.

Know how to show your work

One of the main reasons why some people are afraid of teleworking is the anxiety of not being able to work your way up. Indeed, remote work is not seen as that which is carried out in an open space. There, everything is in plain sight. There, everything happens discreetly. This is why it is essential to show yourself and talk about your successes during meetings and meetings that may take place with employees.

However, know that a good manager is a vigilant person who follows your accomplishments, even from afar.

Mastery of remote communication

Communication is an art, as you know. But remote communication requires even more finesse and interpersonal skills. Writing an email, responding to a message and sending comments are unfortunately not skills mastered by the majority. Polite expressions, mastery of punctuation and empathy are necessary to maintain good relationships with your colleagues and superiors. Otherwise, the atmosphere risks deteriorating. Besides, it is also best not to be too touchy.

Mastery of collaborative tools

A good knowledge or even mastery of messaging and various collaborative tools by the company is essential. Used daily by the entire organization, they make it possible to follow the evolution of missions and to work as a team. Information is thus transmitted in real time and there is easy monitoring of all projects. These software and other applications are also intended to recreate a complete working environment and help you establish professional, even friendly, links with your colleagues.

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